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Version numbers: Finish section
== Version numbers ==
FlightGear version numbers consist of three digits, separated by dots:
=== Before 2016.1 ===
* '''Major''' (<u>23</u>.4.10): Only increased after significant changes to the functionality of the software (e.g., 1.x.x → 2.0.0 (due to switch to [[OSG]]).* '''Minor''' (23.<u>4</u>.10): Has two applications:** '''Stable releases''' always have ''even numbers'' (e.g. 2.68.0, 2.810.0, 2.1012.0).** The '''development streamlatest [[Git]] version''' (or ''latest Git version'[[FlightGear build server|nightly build]]''') uses an ''odd number'', always one more than the latest stable release's minor revision numbere. For example, when the latest release was 3.4.0, the current development stream was 3.5.0.* '''Revision''' (23.4.<u>10</u>): Increased by bugfix releases (e.g., 2.12.1).
=== 2016.1 and after ===
* '''Release yearYear''' (<u>2016</u>.1.0): The year the version was released.* '''Release numberNumber''' (2016.<u>1</u>.0): Which release of the year the version is (note: starts at 1).* '''Revision''' (2016.1.<u>0</u>): Indicates one of three two things:** In the '''latest [[Git]] version''' or '''[[FlightGear build server|nightly build]]''', this digit is 0, indicating that it is unstable.** When a new '''release branch ''' is initially createdIncreased by bugfix releases (e.g.created, 2.12this digit is set to 1.With bugfix that is made, this digit is increased by 1), and a new version created.
{{note|In general, release are referred to by their first two digits (e.g., 3.4). However, when filing a bug report or debugging problems, it is a good idea to give the full release number.}}

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