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TerraGear scenery build server

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== BOINC ==
|1= I understand that generating the scenery from the raw data takes quite some CPU time.
How about creating a [ BOINC] project which could harness the idle CPU-power of many users to assist with this job?
|2= {{cite web
| url =
| title = <nowiki>Create a BOINC project for scenery generation?</nowiki>
| author = <nowiki>sgofferj</nowiki>
| date = Dec 9th, 2011
| added = Dec 9th, 2011
| script_version = 0.23
|1= when our main scenery resource will be gone in a couple of weeks, we will have a hard time to create a new world scenery. Generating the entire world was a job that ran continuously for days - if not weeks, even on a powerful machin with almost unlimited resources. As we have to re-think the entire process anyway, I just had the idea to use our users resources for that, probably by using something like BOINC: We sure need to do many tweaks within the tool-chain, but I can't think of any reason why this should not work. Does anybody have experience with BOINC or alike?

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