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Extra EA-500

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== Operation ==
[[File:Extra500 final approach.png|thumb|right|800px|Final approach on 25L of EDDF, B707 outside going for 25R]]
<br />
===Smooth Weather===
This aircraft features a special weather mode designed to prevent strong jumps in pressure, temperature and wind while flying. It can be activated in the EXTRA 500 menu --> Toggle Smooth Weather.
It works on top of 'Basic Weather' and uses all METAR-s in a 100nm radius to create a 'local' METAR for the position of the aircraft. Especially pressure and temperature have an additional filter to make the transition as smooth as possible.
It does not work with 'Advanced Weather', in fact it will switch it off. If you want to return to an other weather sort, toggle smooth weather off and use the normal weather dialog.
Also, there is a penalty in performance. Once a minute, the METAR stations are updated and this might result in a noticeable lag. This lag is very pronounced when first activated, so it is advised to activate while on the ground.
The current implementation cannot be described any differently as an ugly hack. It is a proof of concept, no more. There are situation where the limits of this approach are evident: In large areas on our planet the METAR coverage is somewhat scarce. It works much better in Europe than in Africa or even the North-American continent.
Nevertheless, hope you enjoy it!

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