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MBB Bo 105

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BO105 News
== In developement ==
In April 2015 developlement started to replace the current 3d-model of the bo105 with a much more accurate model. The current 3d-model is very lowpoly and not very accurrate of shape and details.
After just 10h work (inluding recherche of additional reference images) work had to be paused due reallife, but will continue now.
That means:
* there will be a detailed accurate BO105C (short version)
* there will be a detailed accurate BO105CBS (long version)
* when done, there will be a detailed BO105M (PAH = military version)
* they will have a realistic looking and accurate cockpit
* there will be paintkit
* bo105.xml and .ac will be kept for historic reasons.
Current state after 10h work inluding research of additional reference images:
|BO105C.Progress.11292015.jpg|Progress after 10h work of the BO105C
|BO105CBS.Progress.11292015.jpg|Progress of the BO105 CBS after 10h work including to-do-list in german language
== Nice textures for the interior ==

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