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FlightGear Newsletter November 2015

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Development news: Add an announcement for AeromatiC++ 3.0
== Development news ==
-- AeromatiC++ 3.0 --
Most JSBSim aircraft developers probably know Aeromatic, a web based configuration file generator for JSBSim. In the past moth AeromatiC++ was created using the PHP code from Aeromatic2. AeromatiC++ is flexible a command line utility which, like Aeromatic2, can create JSBSim configuration files based an a minimal set of input variables. But AeromatiC++ is much more flexible by design which allows it to create appropriate subdirectories, engines and thruster files but also Systems files.
Engines now have code to reasonably guess the fuel consumption based on a minimal number of inputs. The turboprop engine is now transformed from a turbine simulated turboprop configuration to a true JSBSim turboprop engine with propeller. And support was added for the Electric Engine.
Also the number of Systems is extended considerably, supported are: Conventional Controls and Conventional Controls with Yaw Damper, Flaps, Landing Gear, Arrestor Hook, Spoilers and Speedbrakes, Thrust Reverse, Drag chute and Rescue chute and a Catapult system.
Every system adds it's own lift, drag and/or side force and pitch, roll and/or yaw moments if selected.
== In the hangar ==

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