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Aircraft development: Added a section about setting up SourceForge development teams.
To work on the official aircraft collection, you should first set up a [ SourceForge account]. This will allow you to either directly commit to the FGAddon repository, if you have been granted commit access, or to work in as part of a SourceForge development team.
=== SourceForge development team ===
If you and a group of friends would like to privately develop one of the FGAddon aircraft as a team, assuming that the you have contacted the original aircraft authors and the aircraft is not actively being developed, then you should create a SourceForge development team. A team leader should be appointed to set this up under their SourceForge account. Assuming you wish to develop the "ornithopter" aircraft, the steps are:
* Go to "Personal tools" -> "Admin".
* Click on "User Permissions".
* Click on "Add a new group" at the bottom.
* Set the name to "ornithopter", and save.
* Click on "Add" in the "ornithopter" group and add your team members.
After setting up a private repository in the team leader's account, as described below, then the development team should be set up for the repository.
* Go to the repository under your SourceForge account.
* Click on "Admin - <repository name>", then select "Permissions".
* In the "Write" section, remove "Developer" and add "ornithopter".
* Click on "Save".
The development team will then have commit access to the private repository.
=== Using git with FGAddon (by Hooray) <!-- appears to be Hooray from history --> ===

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