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Howto:Reassign keyboard bindings

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In general, the list of keyboard commands is stored in the property tree and is loaded at startup or when the menu option "Debug -> Reload input" is selected. The main list of commands is available in {{Git link|gitorious|fg/fgdata|master|keyboard.xml|pre=$FG_ROOT/}}, but each aircraft can add/change its own bindings through its -set.xml file, and additional [[config file]]s can do the same.
== Adding or modifying key assignments bindings ==
Keyboard bindings are usually fairly simple. They consist of a <tt>&lt;key&gt;</tt> node (with a corresponding index), optional <tt>&lt;name&gt;</tt> and <tt>&lt;desc&gt;</tt> nodes, and one or more <tt>&lt;binding&gt;</tt>s. A very simple example is the default for {{key press|Ctrl|V}}:
<syntaxhighlight lang="xml">
<key n="22">

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