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Blender AC3D import and export

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Many Flightgear [[FlightGear]] [[aircraft ]] modelers prefer [[Blender ]] as their 3D -modelling editor. FlightGear primarily uses the [[AC3D]] file format (<code>.ac</code>) to model aircraft, [[scenery]] models, and many other things. There is good support for the import and export of flightgears native the AC3D fileformat to and file format from Blender. This page gives an overview of those options.
== Blender version versions 2.4 and older ==This For these versions, Blender version support supports both the import and export of AC3D files out of the box. Just go into user preferences and enable the addon scripts.
== Blender version versions 2.5 to 2.62 ==For these version versions you can use one of these scripts by Majic79:
Download* {{repo link|site=gh|proj=majic79/Blender-AC3D|brrev=BL2.59|text=Version for Blender 2.59}} ([https://github.com/majic79/Blender-AC3D/archive/BL2.59.zip ZIP file download]). Last updated October 2011.* {{repo link|site=gh|proj=majic79/Blender-AC3D|brrev=BL2.60|text=Version for Blender 2.60}} ([https://github.com/majic79/Blender-AC3D/treearchive/BL2.60.zip ZIP file download]). Last updated February 2012.* {{repo link|site=gh|proj=majic79/Blender-AC3D|brrev=BL2.62 Majic79's |text=Version for Blender 2.62 import and export scripts. }} ([https://github.com/majic79/Blender-AC3D/archive/BL2.62.zip ZIP file download]). Last updated February 2012)].
== Blender version versions 2.63 and later ==For version 2.63 till 2.74 onwards you have more choices a choice of several scripts.
=== Majic79 addon ===
* [http://www.mediafire.com/?m4f9m95qj9e5qq0 Mr. No import/export script for newer blender versions. (updated 2012)]
==External links==[http://opencitywww.sourceforgeinivis.netcom/htmlac3d/man/ac3dfileformat.html AC3D file format]

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