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Building FlightGear - Debian

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A note on why this article does not receive an update right now
<!-- {{WIP|Article is being updated for the 3.4 release. At the moment building <u>3.4</u> will result in release candidate 3.4.0-RC2.}} <!-- die RCs nicht vergessen! -->
{{note|So far the author wasn't able to compile a working FlightGear 3.4 on Jessie. Therefore this article will not receive an update until 3.6 is released. Compile and run GIT/next on Jessie works as decribed below, just skip the libboost part.}}
HowTo build [[FlightGear]] stable (<u>[[Changelog_3.4|3.4]]</u>) or bleeding edge development version, hereinafter simply called <u>[[GIT]]</u>, on [http://www.debian.org/ Debian] GNU/Linux Stable (<u>Wheezy</u>). Users of Testing or Unstable at least have to change package names (version numbering) accordingly.

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