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+ Slovenian; etc
The template is mainly used for translating templates.
Do note that many {{inote|Many templates are based on tables and thus have to start from the beginning of the line, which . That is accomplished by putting them on a new line like in the below example, and that inserting below.}} {{inote|Inserting blank lines will alter the way the template is rendered.}}
=== Using the lang parameter ===
For testing and demonstration purposes the the '''lang ''' parameter can be used to override the automatic language selection.
<pre><!-- Caveat: Google translated -->
== Copyable sample ==
Please uncomment used entries, in essence by dragging and dropping <code>&lt;!--</code> to the left of the name of the language.
<!-- | ca = Catalan -->
<!-- | pt = Portugese -->
<!-- | ru = Russian -->
<!-- | sl = Slovenian -->
<!-- | sr = Serbian -->
<!-- | sv = Swedish -->
== Known issues ==
Using some characters like equal signs ('''<nowiki>=</nowiki>''') and pipes/vertical strokes ('''<nowiki>|</nowiki>''') inside template parameters will break the template. Do note that pipes will break tables and that this workaround have to be used for tables. Ways around this is to either use {{tl|{{=}}}}, {{tl|!}}, {{tl|!!}} or {{tl|!-}} or , or &lt;nowiki&gt;<nowiki>=</nowiki>&lt;/nowiki&gt;, &lt;nowiki&gt;<nowiki>|</nowiki>&lt;/nowiki&gt;, &lt;nowiki&gt;<nowiki>||</nowiki>&lt;/nowiki&gt; or &lt;nowiki&gt;<nowiki>|</nowiki>-&lt;/nowiki&gt;.
== Related content ==

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