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Howto:Use Arduino with FlightGear

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[[File:Arduinofgfs.jpg|thumb|270px|Arduino LCD panel displaying speed, heading and altitude.]]
'''Arduino''' is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use [[:Category:Hardware|hardware]] (consisting of a board designed around an 8-bit or a 32-bit microcontroller) and software(based on an integrated development environment (IDE)). [[FlightGear]]'s IO interface allows easy development of hardware that can improve the immersion and realism of the simulation. The output [[Generic protocol|protocols]] allow hardware to response to simulation data (like shown in the image on the right), while the input protocol allows FlightGear to reply to hardware events (eg. on the press of a button). 
== Display/Generic protocol Example by rubdos ==

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