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=== Ready icons ===
Several icons are available to indicate certain capabilities of the aircraft. You can add up to five icons to one aircraft. Separate them with slashes. They can be in any order. Using <tt>airrefuel</tt>, <tt>bombable</tt>, <tt>dualcontrol</tt>, <tt>rembrandt</tt>, <tt>spacetrip</tt> will add the page to the categories [[:Category:Air refueling ready|Air refueling ready]], [[:Category:Bombable aircraft|Bombable aircraft]], [[:Category:Dual control aircraft|Dual control aircraft]], [[:Category:Rembrandt aircraft|Rembrandt aircraft]] and [[:Category:Spacecraft|Spacecraft]] respectively. There full list is:
<prestyle="white-space: pre-wrap;">
|ready = aerotow/aircraftmonth/airrefuel/bombable/dualcontrol/rembrandt/spacetrip/thermal/canvas/checklist/routemanager/tutorials

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