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Howto:Shader programming in FlightGear

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=== Program Flow Simplified ===
Preferences/[[Nasal]]/XML >> [[Property Tree ]] >> Effect File >> Shader >> Rendered to Screen
=== Preferences/Nasal/XML ==={{Note|need link to Preferences, Nasal and XML Docs here}}Any combination of Preferences, Nasal or XML manipulates data in the property tree[[Property Tree]].
In this case the switch to turn on the landing or spot light and a couple other needed data containers are defined in $FG_ROOT/preferences.xml with the following lines.
{{WIP|more to follow}}
[[Shader Coding - Best Practices|shader]]
[[Nasal/JavaScript Subset|nasal]]
[[Nasal CDU Framework|nasal]]
[[Nasal Callbacks Explained|nasal]]
[[Nasal Conditionals|nasal]]
[[Nasal Display Matrix Framework|nasal]]
[[Nasal Events|nasal]]
[[Programming Resources|program]]
[[Modeling Resources|model]]
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[[Category:Shader development]]
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