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Howto:Shader programming in FlightGear

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[[File:als secondary light.png|640px|thumbnail|Proof of Concept]]
The ALS Landing Lights\Spotlight (we'll call it ALS Lights from now on) is a good example for showing how to incorporate a shader effect into [[Flightgear]] as it touches many parts of the visuals we see and many parts of the coding pipeline.
In the case of ALS Lights, you have to add the effect to every visual item rendered on the screen that you want to see a light shining on. If you want it to be capable of shining on everything, you have to account for each separate item and how that item is rendered. That is a lot of code to touch.
The list might include
The example highlighted in this articular article is was what was added to model-defauttree.effto shine the lights on trees.
=== Program Flow Simplified ===
Next comes the entry to define what Shader Program the parameters data is going to be passed to.

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