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Howto:Shader programming in FlightGear

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{{Note|need link to Preferences, Nasal and XML Docs here}}
Any combination of Preferences, Nasal or XML manipulates data in the property tree.
In this case the switch to turn on the landing or spot light and a couple other needed data containers are defined in $FG_ROOT/preferences.xml with the following lines.
<landing-light2-offset-deg type="float">0.0</landing-light2-offset-deg>
They show up in the Property Tree under sim/rendering/als-secondary-lights and can be activated or manipulated by normal Nasal calls or XML.
===Effects File===
Note the "use-searchlight" entry, it is pointing to the use-searchlight entry in the property tree under "sim/rendering/als-secondary-lights" that was defined in preferences.xml.
Some of this data may play a duel role inside the shader program. In other words it might be used to control other functions in addition to ALS Lights.

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