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Howto:Shader programming in FlightGear

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[[File:als secondary light.png|640px|thumbnail|Proof of Concept]]
The ALS Landing Lights/Spotlight is a good example for showing how to incorporate a shader effect into [[Flightgear]] as it touches many parts of the visuals we see and many parts of the coding pipeline.
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Files that are directly touched to add this effect (in alphabetical order) include
inherits properties from terrain-default
technique n="2" adds program shaders(technique 2) fragment airfield-ALS.frag & secondary_lights.frag adds uniforms(technique 2)
inherits properties from model-combined-deferred << model-combined
adds program shaders (technique n="4") adds program shaders fragment model-ALS-ultra.frag & secondary_lights.frag inherits uniforms from model-combined-deferred << model-combined
inherits properties from model-default
technique n="4" adds program shaders(technique 4) fragment model-ALS-ultra.frag & secondary_lights.frag adds uniforms(technique 4)
adds properties
technique n="5" adds program shaders(technique 5) fragment model-ALS-base.frag & secondary_lights.frag adds uniforms(technique 5)
inherits properties from terrain-default
adds program shaders (technique n="2") fragment runway-ALS.frag & secondary_lights.frag adds uniforms (technique 2)terrain-default.eff adds properties adds program shaders(technique 3) fragment runwayterrain-ALS-ultra.frag & secondary_lights.frag adds uniforms(technique 3)tree.eff adds properties adds program shaders (technique 4 and 5) fragment tree-ALS.frag & secondary_lights.frag adds uniforms (technique 4 and 5)

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