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Howto:Dynamic Liveries via Canvas

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Proof of Concept
Ef2000dyn1.jpg|The EF2000 showing a dynamically-changed texture on the fuselage - at the moment, the resolution appears to be wrong and the UV coordinates seem to be being ignored.
File:Ef2000dyn2.jpg|Changing the dialog window size to be the same size as the texture fixed the issue - note that the fuselage sections are free of dirt (except the APU exhaust smudge, which is a special case) where as the wings and tail have integral dirt in the texture.
File:Ef2000dyn3.jpg|A full-screen illustration using the updated Canvas code to make the canvas independent of the window, but with the window still displaying the canvas. Here, only the base "clean" paintwork texture is added to the fuselage element.
File:Ef2000dyn4.jpg|After creating a canvas with the base "clean" paintwork texture, another child is added containing the dirt layer transparency. The effect is seen both in the dialog window and on the airframe.

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