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:::::::The quotations don't show the complete date - even if at the end you still have to verify every source. That is what I wanted to show you. The fact is, Detlef is wrong here (ground vehicles don't bank), but people reading those quotes in this official wiki thinks it is true. The same Emilian already told you.
:::::::--[[User:HHS|HHS]] ([[User talk:HHS|talk]]) 21:09, 19 August 2014 (UTC)
== PAF Team wiki Page ==
I would like to know if creating a PAF team wiki page would be a good idea ? i don't know if this type of page will be appreciated, because some page who talk about virtual airlines were deleted and listed on one page. But I think my situation is different (we are not à virtual airlines, but we are a french community in the french community) . I just think that this page would inform people who see "PAF team" on aircraft authors or when PAF team is quoted on the wiki.
This page would be written like that :
* Introduction
* Activities
** Flight school
** Multiplayer flight
** Developpement
What do you think? you have specific suggestions or reservations
Thank you for your opinion
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