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Building FlightGear - Debian

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update to 3.2.0-RC1
{{WIP|Article is being updated for the 3.2 release. Not all of the files are available right now since they're not yet releasedAtm. Dependencies and the git commands are not yet verified, use at own risk or wait a couple of days until after the building <u>3.2</u> will result in releasecandidate 3.2.0-RC1.}}
HowTo build [[FlightGear]] stable/<u>[[Changelog_3.2|3.2]]</u> or bleeding edge development version, hereinafter simply called <u>[[GIT]]</u>, on [http://www.debian.org/ Debian] GNU/Linux Stable/<u>Wheezy</u>. Users of Testing or Unstable at least have to change package names (version numbering) accordingly.
: Add "libudev-dev" if you need FG's feature <code>-D EVENT_INPUT=ON</code>.
: [[File:Zeichen_144_icon.png|21px]] During installation development packages of libraries which are going to be compiled ''must not'' be installed. They can safely be re-installed after compilation. Namely here these might be "libplib-dev", <!-- "libfltk1.1-dev", --> "libopenscenegraph-dev" and "simgear-dev".
osg: libxml2-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev libgtkglext1-dev libopenal-dev libpng12-dev librsvg2-dev libtiff4-dev
<u>3.2</u> only: Please have a look at the [http://www.flightgear.org/download/mirror/ mirror list] for a server close to your location.
<nowiki>wget httpftp://wwwftp.flightgearsnt.wo0tutwente.denl/pub/software/flightgear/ftp/Shared/FlightGear-data-3.02.0-rc1.tar.bzbz2</nowiki> tar xjf FlightGear-data-3.02.0-rc1.tar.bzbz2
<u>GIT</u> only:

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