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FlightGear Newsletter August 2014

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Eurofighter EF2000
===Eurofighter EF2000===
{{#ev:youtube|_MaxljfrPBY||right|A brief in-cockpit demo of the EF2000's FCS}}
A big milestone has been achieved in the ongoing development of the EF2000, which FGUK's I (Algernon has ) have been project managing since branching from the Eurofighter Typhoon project some years back: finally, after a lot of fiddling, a completely computerised Flight Control System which can simulate its real-life counterpart, with surface control fully autonomous and with an autopilot-based processor interpreting pilot input and commanding the system to fly its maximum performance envelope to obey, but not exceed safety or design limits. While a lot of these features are not yet implemented, we have established a working practice for the core system which allows extra elements to be introduced simply and effectively. I have heard it said that FG is incapable of simluating simulating such systems - , and I hope here we have proved otherwise, and indeed , a bit self-indulgently, that maybe this will be the first truly fly-by-wire aircraft in FlightGear!(I am of course prepared to stand corrected there...)
Particular thanks for this milestone objective go to StuartC, who designed the basis of the FDM, and Tomaskom, whose help in fields where I am not much of a master (like mathematics) has been invaluable. Many updates are planned for the EF2000, including a whole new custom paintjob with many liveries, and it is hoped a final, V2.0 release may be available in the later part of the year. You can also get hold of a pre-release copy if you visit the [ FGUK Forum] and register your interest, for testing purposes - your feedback will be appreciated. Pre-releases will probably not be available until at least September 2014.
Other points being addressed in the V2.0 release are:

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