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FlightGear Newsletter July 2014

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FGUK Mach Loop Challenge
'' Saturday 9th August 2014 - Llanbedr Airfield (EGOD) - 1900 G/U/Z''
{{#ev:youtube|XK0Y1sfijLY||right|A trip around the loop with the Vulcan B2}}
[ FGUK] will be taking the Mach Loop Challenge on Saturday 9th August, as flown by BAE in their Eurofighter simulator at Warton. The world-famous low flying route in North Wales, on the doorstep of FGUK's Llanbedr headquarters, is a 26 mile course threading the valleys and hills around Machynlleth. Can you consistently lower your time and beat the other pilots around the course without breaking the sound barrier and startling the sheep?
A custom AI scenario displays the route with fly-through pointers, checks for adherence to the rules, and announces and records your time - the results just hand in your score file, and you will be included in the results when published in the following week. More information and updates in the weeks either side of the 9th on FGUK's [ Facebook page] and [ Twitter account]. As always at the Mach Loop, there will be photography and video and the event will be streamed live on our [ YouTube channel].
Recommended choices to fly the loop competitively are Supersonic single and twin seaters, but you can bring anything within reason that doesn't make you a danger to others. Assemble at FGUK Llanbedr (EGOD) at 1900 G/U/Z (8pm BST). If you're planning to bring something unusual, we ask you to notify us in the forum to make sure all the models are visible to the camera.
A full briefing for pilots will be published on Sunday, along with the definitive AI scenario for the competition. Check the [ ongoing event article] and the [ forum thread] to keep up to date.

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