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ATC best practices

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lenny's website for pilots
== How do I know if the area is controlled by ATC? ==
*Check for announced ATC sessions on [http://flightgear-atc.alwaysdata.net/ Lenny's website].*Check the Pilot List in FlightGear or the [[MPMap|Multiplayer map]]. Usually, controllers:** have a callsign ''XXXX_DE'', ''XXXX_GN'', ''XXXX_TW'' or ''XXXX_AP'' (where ''XXXX'' is the ICAO code of the airport they are manning);** use the ''[[OpenRadar]]'', ''ATC-TOWER'', ''[[ATC-aircraft|ATC]]'' (or similarly named) aircraft.
In case multiple controllers are at the same airport, make sure to contact the appropriate one:

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