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Extra EA-500

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{{infobox Aircraft
|image = Extra500 flightgear1.png|alt = Extra 500 flying in clouds
|name = Extra EA 400-500
|type = Civilian aircraft
The EA 400-500 was introduced as a derivative of the EA-400 replacing the piston engine with a Rolls-Royce Model 250-B17F/2 turboprop producing 450 horsepower (340 kW) and driving a MT-propeller 5 bladed propeller. Walter Extra flew the first Extra500 from Germany to Oshkosh, Wisconsin to illustrate its range and capabilities. The most recent changes to the aircraft come from Avidyne with their latest glass avionics: [[Avidyne Entegra R9]].
[[File:Extra500 flightgear1.png|thumb|500px|Extra500 flying in clouds]]
[[File:Extra500 flightgear2.png|thumb|500px|Extra500 flying in the clouds (2)]]
CAUTION: for Take-off (5 minutes) maximum TRQ limit is 111%, TOT 810degC
* Parking Brake: Release ( {{key press|Shift|B}} or push in middle Bowden cable in middle console )
NOTE: For strong side-wind, turn the ailerons against the wind
* At 71KIAS: Rotate
* Gear: Retract ( {{key press|G}} or click the gear switch )

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