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Canvas SVG Parser

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Supported SVG features
== Known Limitations ==
NOTE: As of 08/2012, the Canvas system also provides support for raster images, however the SVG parser has not yet been extended to also support raster images via the "image" tag.
|date=<nowiki>Tue Jun 24</nowiki>
|Referring to the [ gitorious discussion about having a styleable SVGSymbol class] - that is something that will be hard to support/integrate with pre-defined styling unless we patch svg.nas to accept a list of optional SVG attributes that are mapped to a transformation/rewrite-callback so that SVG attributes can be dynamically "rewritten" by the parser based on looking up a certain id (e.g. "background-color") and changing CSS stuff there.
|{{cite web |url=
|title=<nowiki>MapStructure styling</nowiki>
|date=<nowiki>Sun May 11</nowiki>

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