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Extra EA-500

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The IFD Integrated Avionics System in the Extra500 constist consists of two Displays IFD-s in the front and one Keypad in the center console.
[[File:IFD Keys.png|400px|thumbnail|right|IFD Keys]]
Each display IFD has five page-select keys at the bottom. With these keys the active page can be selected. On Once on the active page, the current appropriate page-select key will navigate through the associated tabs. On the left- and right hand side, there are multi- function keys, so called "Line Select Key"(LSK). Each tab can serve serves a function on the LSK. If it has a function, this is active it's indicated with a light on the key(green at day, white at night). The display shows also a label next to the LSK-key with the intended function nameof the LSK is displayed next to it on the display. On the left and right bottom corners, there are two bezels the rotary knobs. The intended function is displayed in the left/right corners of the tab indication.
* 1. Dimming knob for the display brightness {{key press|mouse left}}
* 2. Baro knob to adjust the altimeter setting {{key press|wheel up}} for +, {{key press|wheel down}} for - and {{key press|wheel press}} set 1013(standard)* L1-6 and R1-6 "Line Select Key"(LSK) is a rocker switch and can have two funtions functions left/right indicated in the diaplaydisplay* LK and RK bezel rotary knob usable with {{key press|wheel up}}, {{key press|wheel down}} and {{key press|wheel press}} and +{{key press|shift}} inceases increases the amount
* Page Select Key is a rocker switch first {{key press|mouse left}} select the page then {{key press|mouse left}} navigate through the tabs left/right
* Heading Indicator
* Heading Bug Indicator
* Active Com FreqencyFrequency
* L1 : Primary Nav select Nav1, Nav2, FMS
===COM : Communication FreqenciesFrequencies======NAV : Navigation FreqenciesFrequencies===
===XPDR : Transponder===
===AUX : Auxilary DME===
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