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Extra EA-500

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=IFD : Integrated Flight Display=
The system assist a singel-single pilot to manage a an IFR operational -operated flight. The design is clearly orientated oriented to serve short ways provide quick access to the needed requested information and handling to handle the data as quick quickly as possible. The goal is to relieve the pilotand reduce the pilot's workload.
[[File:IFD Keys.png|400px|thumbnail|left|IFD Keys]]
Each Display display has 5 Page five page-select Keys on keys at the bottom. With these Keys keys the active Page page can bee be selected. On the active Page page, the current Key key will navigate through the associated Tab'stabs. On the Left left- and Right right hand side, there are multi funktion Keys - function keys, so called "Line Select Key"(LSK). Each Tab tab can serve a funktion function on the LSK, if . If it is active its it's indicated with a light on the Keykey(green at day, white at night). The display shows allthough also a lable label next to the LSK Key -key with the intended funktion Namefunction name. On the left and right bottom corners , there are two bezel bezels the intended funktion ist display function is displayed in the corners left/right corners of the tab indication.
* 1. Dimming knob for the display brightness {{key press|mouse left}}

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