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Howto:Modeling Ground Signs with Blender

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Pilots should know what ground signs to pay attention to during every phase of maneuvering, prior to reaching the runway. There are signals painted on the ground and taxi signs on the side of each runway/taxiway. You should also pay attention to tower radio communications and so on. Here you will learn how to build custom ground markings, the ones that are painted on the ground and give you useful information about what you can and cannot do during your ground maneuvering.
{{note|FlightGear has switched to a new airport format ([[apt.dat]] 850), making it possible to include proper taxiway lines and markings. However some of the ground signs are not yet supported by this format (ex: the kind shown here) and it's still advisable to add them with this technique. Be advised, though, that there's work in progress to have the format support them, and also other kinds of lines. A search for "ground signs" on the forum should give the latest news. Developers have to consider these self made ground signs are not accepted by [[TerraSync]] and can only be used for custom sceneries.}}
=== Tutorial files ===

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