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FlightGear Newsletter June 2014

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== FlightGear addons and mods ==
=== Damage and disintegration ===
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{{#ev:youtube|OpwNaoO3xMQ|240|right|Tomaskom's V-1 used in anger over London}}
{{#ev:youtube|H4XDuLo35ks|240|right|Victor V2.0 damage script causing a catastrophic failure and fire}}
{{#ev:youtube|uLojBI7ezdM|240|right|L-159 disintegration}}
The development team at FGUK have been experimenting with modelling aircraft damage in a number of different ways. First of all, Tomaskom has used the particle system carefully to produce visually impressive fireballs and smoke columns with very little FPS impact. First seen in his V-1, we hope to adapt this to simulate realistic fireballs for ground impacts (where appropriate). For the moment, it explodes with the full force of a V-1's explosive payload. On the right is a video excerpt from the #FlightNight which Tom organised to debut the V-1, where we all had '''way''' too much fun bombing London. As you can see, the smoke is visible from quite a long way away from the impact, and despite two fires burning with huge smoke columns, and over ten multiplayer aircraft within model range, the frame rates are still more than acceptable. StuartC has already integrated the explosion and fireball into several development aircraft, and we expect eventually to combine it with the disintegration code and make the size of the explosion dependent on fuel load etc.

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