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ATC Tutorial

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IFR vs VFR flights: Remark by ludomotico - VFR == see and be seen, the "sky clear of clouds" requirement applies only when taking off/landing and in other similar situations
{{Main article|Flight rules}}
A distinction you should know for flying in controlled areas is the one between IFR and VFR flights, as flight planning and some phraseology are different.
* VFR (Visual Flight Rules) can apply when a pilot is able to orientate and recognize other aircraft and obstacles visually (that means he must maintain a low altitude, where at most just a few clouds are presentfor example, the sky should be clear of clouds at low altitudes near the airport when taking off and landing, light must be sufficient, and there must be little or no fog at all); they are used mainly in general aviation;* IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) apply in all the other cases.
== Getting and reading charts ==

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