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ATC Tutorial

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* '''BAW1542:''' Taxi to holding point Echo two via Lima and Echo, QNH one zero one eight, Speedbird one five four two.
Open The current QNH may be repeated by the ground controller, even if we have just heard it on the ATIS, as a reminder to set it to the correct value - so check it. After that, open the ground chart and check your taxi route before starting, as in some cases taxi signs will not be present at all intersections. You will notice that the controller cleared us only to holding point E2, so, once there, we'll need to report our position and await further instructions. The holding point is marked by a "''stop bar" '' (a dotted/continuous yellow line: the dotted one faces the runway while the continuous line faces the taxiway, to remind you that you need a clearance to cross the runway, and it is lit at night by means of pulsing yellow lights).
Taxi to E2 as instructed at a maximum speed of 30 knots and ''hold short'' (stop) just before the stop bar. Remember that, while the controller may instruct you to ''hold position'' (stop) and ''give way'' to another plane, it's still your responsibility not to collide with buildings, vehicles or other aircraft; also, should you at any point become unsure of your position, stop at once and ask the ground controller.
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File:LEBL-K2.png|The CAT II/III K2 stop bar.
File:LEBL-G1.png|The Approaching the G1 stop bar.

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