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Extra EA-500

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Below is just a quick start and some selected topics.
WARNING: Below reflects the current development version (master). If you are using the stable version, some functionality will not be available!
===General Remarks===
All switches are thrown by rotating the mouse wheel in the appropriate direction. Push buttons are pressed by clicking with the LH Mouse button. Rotary knobs are turned by the mouse wheel as well. Hold {{key press|SHIFT}} for large steps.
There are a few special Extra500 shortcuts:
{{key press|CTRL}}+{{key press|E}} Connect / disconnect External power cart
{{key press|CTRL}}+{{key press|F}} Control pitch with pitch trim only
{{key press|W}} Gear Warn Mute (you'll need it, alternatively press the switch on the throttle lever)
{{key press|R}} Put the propeller in reverse (beta range)
{{key press|S}} Condition lever fuel on/cut-off (alternatively click on the condition lever)
{{key press|D}} Autopilot disconnect (alternatively click on the red button on the yoke)
{{key press|C}} Engage Control Wheel Steering (CWS, see below)
===Engine starting===
- Flaps: 15 degrees ( {{key press|] }} or use the flap switch )
- Power lever: TRQ 111%
- Gear: Retract ( {{key press|G}} or click the gear switch )
- Flaps: 0 degrees ( {{key press|[ }} or use the flap switch )
CAUTION: Flaps need to be retracted before reaching 120KIAS, gear 140KIAS
At 140 KIAS, gear: Extend ({{key press|Shift|G}} or click the gear switch )
At 120 KIAS, flaps: 15 degrees ( {{key press|] }} or use the flap switch )
At 109 KIAS, flaps: 30 degrees ( {{key press|] }} or use the flap switch )
Power for a 3deg descent, 80KIAS and landing configuration is ~30% TRQ
- Generator: Switch OFF
- Press {{key press|s }} ( or click on condition lever )
- Battery: Switch OFF
===Principle Autopilot functionality (currently in place)===
- HDG Follows the heading bug (set HDG bug using the keypad, press to sync)
- NAV Intercepts and tracks VORs, LOCs or your Flight Plan (set course with LH lower rotary knob on IFD)
- NAV/GPSS Intercepts and tracks your Flight Plan and cuts the corners (Press press {{key press|NAV }} twice)
- HDG+NAV Intercept the course or active flightplan leg with your set heading
'''To disconnect press: {{key press|d}}'''
General remarks to autopilot operation:
Just type in the frequency and switch active/standby with the button just left of the frequencies.
Not-active-COM and NAV standby frequencies are similar, just press the {{key press|NAV1 }} / {{key press|NAV2 }} button first.
FMS, Nav 1 or Nav 2 may be selected on the IFD or in the NAV dialog (F12)
The FMS (Flight Management System) can be used with or without the autopilot. You can put your flightplan in the
autopilot - route manager (dont forget to press "{{key press|activate"}}). The autopilot will intercept the active leg. While flying a flightplan (FMS is the Nav source and NAV is selected on the autopilot), you can do some special stuff without touching the autopilot: 1. Vectors mode: Press {{key press|V with arrow}} or "Fly Vectors" knob on IFD to follow the heading bug while still in nav mode. Deselecting will return normal FMS functionality. Handy for making a brief excursion from the flightplan for weather or ATC. 2. Direct-To functionality is also includedmode: In the route manager select the waypoint and on the keypad press the "{{key press|D with arrow" }} button.Close to the waypoint direct-to mode will be de-selected automatically or you can do that manually by pressing the same button again. 3. FMS-OBS: Rotate the LH lower knob on the IFD. Press to cancel. Very similar to VOR functionality, except it will work on all waypoints of your flightplan. Very handy for making an approach on an airport without ILS.
XPDR squawk can be set on the keypad (press {{key press|XPDR }} and squawk code) and in the NAV dialog ({{key press|F12}}). Default is 7000 (Europe VFR).
XPDR modes are selected automatically (GND or ALT), but automatic selection may be switched off
Manual mode selection is then possible.

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