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Flight planning

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Generalized departure/destination airports (wrongly left EDDF and LEBL)
== Prerequisites: getting charts and checking the weather and NOTAMs ==
# The first thing you will need to do is to [[Getting aeronautical charts|get aeronautical charts]] for the departure and arrival airports.
# You should then check the weather at LEBL your departure and at EDDFdestination airports: this is done by [ retrieving the latest METAR] for the airports. The METAR is a text string summarizing weather conditions of particular interest to pilots (like winds, visibility, cloud layers). Discussing in detail the structure of a METAR is beyond the scope of this page; you can refer to the [ VATEUD training pages], or just use a [ METAR decoder].
# Then, [ check the NOTAMs] (Notices to Airmen) for the origin and destination airports to get an updated list of potential hazards/procedural changes. Pay particular attention to closed runways/taxiways.

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