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Boeing 777-300

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=== Autopilot ===
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[[File:777-300-APpanel.png|thumb|270px|777-300 Autopilot]]
Autopilot controls, from left to right, top to bottom:
* A/P - Autopilot engage/disengage button
* F/D - Flight director (the pink lines that show up on your attitude indicator)
* A/T ARM (L/R) - Arm/disarm autothrottle for left/right engines
* CLB CON - Continue climbing using the vertical speed the plane was at, when this setting was first engaged
* A/T - Autothrottle engage/disengage button- Activate this switch to toggle autothrottle, which works separately from the rest of the autopilot
* IAS <> MACH - Switch between IAS speed mode and Mach number speed mode (for autothrottle)
* IAS window - Set your desired IAS speed or Mach speed here (for autothrottle)
* LNAV - Tells the autopilot to follow the Route Manager settings laterally (control the heading) through a series of navigation aids and waypoints
* VNAV - Same as LNAV, except vertically (control the altitude)- not yet working, check
* FLCH - Changes FL (Flight Level, measured by hundreds of feet)
* A/P DISENGAGE - Dedicated autopilot disengage button- click twice
* HDG <> TRK - Switch between heading bug and course track
* HDG window - Set your desired heading or course track here
* Bank limits (AUTO/5/25) - Define banking limits for turning- i.e. 5 for gentle turns at cruising altitude, 25 for good maneuverability at lower speeds; auto will be fine in most cases
* HOLD - Engage/disengage heading or course hold mode; holds aircraft at current altitude
* V/S <> FPA - Switch between Vertical Speed and Flight Path Angle (degree climb/descent)
* V/S window - Set your desired Vertical Speed or Flight Path Angle
* VS/FPA - Engage/disengage Vertical Speed/Flight Path Angle hold mode
* ALTITUDE window - Set your desired altitude here
* Altitude selection setting (AUTO/1000) - Switch between automatic incrementing (AUTO) and incrementing by the thousands (1000)- this setting only helps when selecting the altitude via the knobs, this won't apply if using the Autopilot Settings dialog
* HOLD - Engage/disengage altitude hold mode
* LOC - Track NAV1 VOR, flying by the heading given by the NAV1 radial
* APP - Track an ILS glideslope, laterally and vertically- can be overriden by LOC, HDG, and ALT (i.e. you want to maintain a certain altitude until you capture the glideslope)
* A/P - Engage/disengage autopilot
* F/D - Flight director (explained above)
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