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ATC phraseology

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Added phraseology up to the approach phase
* Cleared for takeoff runway ''number'', ''callsign''
| The controller authorizes the aircraft to take off.
| * This is the ''one and only'' clearance that gives a pilot permission to take off.* If you are holding short of a runway, this clearance also gives you permission to enter it and align. The controller does ''not'' need to tell you to ''line up and wait'' beforehand.* If the word ''immediate'' is added, you are only cleared for takeoff if you are able to do so within a very short time. Usually traffic is coming in on the same runway, so do not enter the runway if you are not ready for takeoff in this case.
! scope="col"| Remarks
| x* ''Station'', ''callsign'', passing ''current altitude'', ''climbing (descending)'' to ''altitude'', ''other ATC clearances assigned''* ''Callsign'', ''station'', radar contact, (squawk ''new squawk code''), (''new clearances'')| The pilot has just been transferred to another controller and contacts him/her announcing the current altitude, the altitude (s)he was cleared to and any other ATC clearances previously assigned (SID/STAR, etc.). The controller identifies the aircraft on the radar screen, announces so and, if needed, assigns a new squawk code/issues further clearances.| New clearances/squawk codes should be assigned only if needed.|-|* ''Callsign'', climb (descend) and maintain ''new altitude''.* Climb (descend) and maintain ''new altitude'', ''callsign''.| Climb (or descend) to ''new altitude'' and hold it until further instructions are given.| Flight levels below FL100 should be referred to as two digit numbers (to avoid confusion with headings).|-|* ''Callsign'', turn left (right) heading ''new heading''.* Turn left (right) heading ''new heading'', ''callsign''.| The aircraft is instructed to turn left/right to another heading.| The pilot must execute the turn according to ATC instructions, even if it's not the most direct way.|-|* ''Callsign'', proceed direct ''fix/navaid''.* Proceeding direct ''fix/navaid'', ''callsign''.| xProceed along a straight line towards ''fix/navaid''.| x

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