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ATC best practices

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Added best practices for controllers, plus some tips for pilots
# If you have planned your flight, '''consider using [ Lenny's website] to file your flightplan'''.
# If you are using a recent version of FlightGear (2.12 or later), '''use the transponder''' if the controller requests it.
# If you're flying into an uncontrolled area, use the multiplayer chat to advise nearby traffic of your intentions.
== Best practices for controllers ==
# '''Offer voice communication if able'''; use text chat for initial contact and as a backup.
# '''Make sure you know phraseology very well'''.
# '''Plan your sessions''' on [ Lenny's website].
# '''Be patient and polite''' - not all pilots know real life procedures. On initial contact, ask them if they do; if not, just give them vectors.
# '''Get charts''' for the airspace you're controlling and familiarize with the standard procedures.
# Before asking a pilot if he's "inbound" (flying to your airport), check the heading he's flying to and his current altitude and read his flightstrip to see his destination. Contact him only if:
## his flightstrip mentions he's inbound;
## if no destination is indicated, he must be flying towards the space you're controlling and must be definitely not just overflying.
# '''Use the flightplan exchange feature''' as a courtesy to other controllers. At a minimum, fill in the pilot's destination and cruise altitude; if the pilot did not flie a flightplan, ask him those data.
# '''Make sure you know how to handoff aircraft''' to other ATCs.
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