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''For help on using the FlightGear flight simulator, see the [[Portal:User|user portal]].''
These Here are some help pages that might be useful when editing the wiki. Most of them are technical, regarding the use of the [[wikipedia:MediaWiki|MediaWiki]] software itself; for a smoother introduction check the first three.
== Introductory ==* [[Help:TutorialYour first article]] – Read this firstWhere else would you start from?* [[Help:Upload]] – A small guideline to image uploading* [[Help:Maintenance]] – An overview of the maintenance work you can do in FlightGear wiki, and how.
* [[Help:Your first article]]== Technical guidance and reference ==* [[Help:Formatting]]– A reference you'll keep open in a tab during your first edits.* [[Help:Tables]]– They deserve a separate page from the above one.* [[Help:Templates]]– These powerful tools can get complicated when you dig in.
* [[Help:Translate]] – Translation ''can'' be done by everyone!
* [[Help:Categories]]* [[Help:Upload]]– explains how to handle them
* [[Help:Glossary]] – Wiki terminology
---- == Technical problems and requests ==For requests or technical problems with the wiki/server, contact '''Wiki Help or requests : hellosimon at gmail com'''.
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