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TerraGear scenery build server

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deb contrib
deb non-free
On Ubuntu Precise and Quantal the format needs to be
deb wheezy main
deb wheezy contrib
deb wheezy non-free
Next, run '''apt-get update''' and then '''apt-get install terragear''' as root:
Note:This only installs the Terragear tool chain and not the GUI or any src. It by default installs it in /usr/bin folder unlike saiarcot895's (link may be broken []) which installs everything including the GUI and src, wherever you want to put it.
[[File:TerraGear-hgtchop-VM.png|thumb|TerraGear hgtchop running in a 64bit TurnKeyLinux VM using saiarcot895's debian/wheezy packages]]

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