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Canvas Event Handling

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button/modifier state
# Current click count (number of clicks within a certain
# time limit. max. 3) [read-only]
click_count: <click-count>,   # Buttons/modifiers require FlightGear >= 3.1.0  # Button which triggered this event [read-only] # # 0: primary button (usually the left button) # 1: auxiliary button (usually the middle button/mouse wheel) # 2: secondary button (usually the right button) button: <button>,  # State of all mouse buttons at the time the event has been # triggered [read-only] buttons: <active-button-mask>,  # State of all keyboard modifiers at the time the event has # been triggered [read-only] modifiers: <modifier-mask>,  # [read-only] ctrlKey: <was-ctrl-down>,  # [read-only] shiftKey: <was-shift-down>,  # [read-only] altKey: <was-alt-down>,  # [read-only] metaKey: <was-meta-down>

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