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Extra EA-500

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===Engine starting===
[[File:Extra500 electicmains.png|thumb|400px|Extra500 side switch panel]]
- Parking Brake: Set ( Shift-B or pull out middle Bowden cable in middle console AND press B )
===Navigation and Communication===
[[File:Extra500 audiopanel.png|thumb|400px|Extra500 audiopanel: Com1, Nav1 and Marker selected]]
The COM unit (1 or 2 ) is selected on the audiopanel. Just hit the appropriate "XMT" button. Note that FGCOM only works on COM1!
===Pressurization system===
[[File:Extra500 presscontrol.png|thumb|400px|Extra500 pressurization control]]
The extra500 is certified to 25000ft, where the air is pretty thin. So there is pressurization system that keeps the cabin altitude below 8000ft which corresponds to a cabin differential pressure of 5.5psid at 25000ft. So if you are planning to fly above 10000ft, you need to make sure that the ENV AIR and PRESS switches (left lower corner) on the side switch panel are on.
In addition, before take-off you should set the cabin controller (center console) to the airport altitude and just after take-off to your target altitude.
Before descending from cruise, set the controller to your target airport altitude. You can monitor the cabin altitude, differential pressure and cabin climb rate on the instruments next to the controller.
For lighted instruments switch on the INSTR switch on the side switch panel. On the same panel you can switch the DAY/NIGHT switch to NIGHT for dimming. The 5 round turn knobs on the panel now can be used to set your dimming level.
The IFD-s have their own dimming switch on the left upper side of the bezel. For taxying use the RECO lights. For landing the LDG light.
[[File:Extra500 final approach.png|thumb|800px|Final approach on 25L of EDDF, B707 outside going for 25R]]
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