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Extra EA-500

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[[File:Extra 500.jpg|thumb|250px|The real Extra 500]]
The '''Extra EA-500Extra500''' is a six-seat single-engined turboprop aircraft produced by the Extra Aircraft company(based at EDLD).
== Status ==
=== Extra EA-Series ===
The Extra Aircraft company designed several aerobatic aircraft based on the early experimental EA-230 and EA-260, followed by the FAR-23 certified EA-300 series (EA-300, EA-300/S, EA-300/L, EA-300/200, EA-300/LT, EA-330/LC, EA-330/SC). The company introduced the Extra EA-400 in 2001. This is a cross-country airplane with many exclusive features including carbon fiber construction, pressurized cabin, high strut-less wing, and a seating for six.
The EA400-500 was introduced as a derivative of the EA-400 replacing the piston engine with a Rolls-Royce Model 250-B17F/2 turboprop producing 450 horsepower (340 kW) and driving a MT-propeller 5 bladed propeller. Walter Extra flew the first EA-500 Extra500 from Germany to Oshkosh, Wisconsin to illustrate its range and capabilities. The most recent changes to the aircraft come from Avidyne with their latest glass avionics, Entegra R9.
[[File:Extra500 flightgear1.png|thumb|500px|Extra500 flying in clouds]]
===Engine shut-off===
- Parking Brake: Set ( Shift-B or pull out middle Bowden cable in middle console AND press B ) - Fuel Pump 1 and 2: Switch OFF - Standby alternator: Switch OFF - Generator: Switch OFF - Press s ( or click on condition lever ) - Battery: Switch OFF

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