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Ramp Marshall

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# Open up the Nasal console and execute the following function.
#: <syntaxhighlight lang="javascript">ramp_marshall.convert_stg();</syntaxhighlight>
# Choose the stg file you pasted the dumped stg lines in to convert the file into a readable xml ramp position file. The converted file can be found <tt>[[$FG_HOME]]/Export</tt>.
# Copy the exported file (it will be called '''ramps-export.xml''') to <tt>[[$FG_ROOT]]/AI/Airports/<icao>/ramps.xml</tt>. For example, if you want these ramps at Singapore Changi Intl. Airport (WSSS), you'd put it in <tt>[[$FG_ROOT]]/AI/Airports/<icao>/WSSS.xml</tt>.

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