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Extra EA-500

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[[File:Extra 500.jpg|thumb|250px|The real Extra 500]]
The '''Extra EA-500''' is a six-seat single-engined turboprop aircraft produced by the Extra Aircraft company.
It will be the first model in [[FlightGear]] with fully simulated attrition. Additionally it will be equipped with one of the most sophisticated and most modern glass cockpits ever modelled in FlightGear.
== Status ==
Since March 2013 D-EKEW, D-Leon, D-STHO are working on this model. They are making use of original data from the Pilot's Operation Handbook. People who have experienced the aircraft in real life help calibrating the FDM as well as tuning the systems behaviourbehavior.
== About the airplane ==
=== Extra EA-Series ===
The Extra Aircraft company designed several aerobatic aircraft based on the early experimental EA-230 and EA-260, followed by the FAR23 FAR-23 certified EA-300 series (EA-300, EA-300/S, EA-300/L, EA-300/200, EA-300/LT, EA-330/LC, EA-330/SC). The company introduced the Extra EA-400 in 2001. This was is a cross-country airplane with many exclusive features including carbon fiber construction, pressurized cabin, high strutless strut-less wing, and a seating for six.The EA-500 was introduced as an alternative version a derivative of the EA-400 where replacing the piston engine was replaced by with a Rolls-Royce Model 250-B17F/2 turboprop producing 450 horsepower (340 kW) and driving a MT-propeller 5 bladed propeller. Walter Extra flew the first EA-500 from Germany to Oshkosh, Wisconsin to illustrate its range and capabilities. The most recent changes to the aircraft come from Avidyne with their latest glass avionics, Entegra R9. [[File:Extra500 flightgear1.png|thumb|500px|Extra500 flying in clouds]][[File:Extra500 flightgear2.png|thumb|500px|Extra500 flying in the clouds (2)]]
=== General characteristics ===

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