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TerraGear scenery build server

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= Virtualization =
Scenery compilation is demanding, so setting up a VM on a powerful system with scenery compilation tools would be a good idea. This might come in handy for people whose system is not as powerful and enable them to contribute to scenery building without requiring a powerful computer.
= Plan / Status =
The first step would probably be finding someone familiar with installing/setting up TG on Linux, and then also someone familiar with virtualization, so that a Linux distro like TurnkeyLinux can be set up with TerraGear - from that point on, everything should be fairly straightforward actually, assuming that we have someone willing to work on a web-interface -or API- to expose TerraGear as a web service, e.g. using Python, Php, Ruby or Perl - in fact, one could even use Nasal for this
Hooray is probably not going to work on this anytime soon, but is willing to help work out the details to get this started, so if you're interested in helping, please do get in touch!
One of the most straightforward ways to proceed here, would be just setting up TerraGear and using SSH/SCP to interact with the service - obviously, that would require either setting up accounts for each user, or setting up a shared/trusted account - in turn, this could then be supported by Gijs' [[TerraGear GUI]] - i.e. kinda like a "remote operating" mode that works over SSH - that would allow us to reuse the existing GUI, without having to come up with a new WebService API.
Qt has various APIs to handle SSH, e.g. see:
* Download & Install Virtualbox {{Done}}
* Download TurnKeyLinux {{Done}}
* Set up new VM {{Done}}
* Install TerraGear inside the VM {{Progressbar|10}}
* Get in touch with Gijs to patch [[TerraGear GUI]] to support operating over SSH {{Not done}}
* Get in touch with people volunteering server hardware {{Not done}}
* Get in touch with the TerraGear guys (psadro_gm & papillon81) to help optimize TerraGear for server-focused operation {{Not done}}
* Investigate clustering options, i.e. via distcc {{Not done}}
= Feedback =

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