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Changelog 3.0

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Updates from 2.0.0
==Upcoming FlightGear Changelog==
The FlightGear development team is happy delighted to announce the v3.0 release of FlightGear, the free, open-source flight simulator. This new version contains many exciting new features, enhancements and bugfixes. Highlights in this release include integration of the FGCom voice communications client within the simulator, improved terrain rendering, faster scenery loading, and improved usability.  In the 4 years since FlightGear V2.0.0 was released in February 2010, better FlightGear has developed enormously: * The Rembrandt rendering system provides real-time shadows and lighting* Advanced weather simulation, including frontal systems, thermals, lift and cloud formation based on mountain ridges.* Built-in on-the-fly terrain loading* Massively improved terrain rendering , with region-specific terrain, random buildings, shader effects, improved object and a tree placement.* Built in multiplayer client and voice communications allowing users to join and leave multiplayer sessions in-sim.* Useability improvements including in-sim joystick configuration UI, map.* A fully scriptable scripted 2D rendering systemallowing easy creation of complex UIs, glass cockpit instruments and more.
Founded in 1997, FlightGear is developed by a worldwide group of volunteers, brought together by a shared ambition to create

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