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Eurocopter EC135

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Update to the EC 135 P2
[[File:EC135 Air Zermatt.jpg||thumb|right|270px|New EC135 - "Air Zermatt" by Sanni]]
===Next upcoming version v1.0 (20132014)currently in own repo on
* <strike>new 3d-model more accurate and detailed, single-livery-texture-file</strike> {{done}}
* <strike>latest shader (bumpspec-reflection and glasshader)</strike> {{done}}
* <strike>new, much more accurate fdm matching 90% of Pilot Operations Handbook values AEO, OEI and Airspeed , matching many tech reports in flight handling NEXT TASK: NEEDS STILL FINE TUNING (behavior with SAS)</strike> {{done}}
* <strike>more different configurations possible- lowskid, midskid and highskid, different sandfilter, different radomes etc...</strike> {{done}}
* different selectable interiors influencing weight HEMS modelled, VIP and Utility(Police) following SOON (OR LATER)
* <strike> analog dual and single IFR panel available and selectable </strike> {{done}}* <strike>influence of configurations on weight and CoG based on Pilot Operations Handbook </strike> {{done}}
* making CAD and VEMD and the most important systems working SOON (OR LATER)
* <strike>many different liveries. Thanks to Sanni!</strike> {{done}}

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