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Eurocopter EC130 B4

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Updates of Git Version (to be released with FG 3.0)
Git version has comfortable configuration and help dialogs, new checklists based on pilot handbook and after 15 flights Autostart/Autoshutdown possibility
== Updates of Git Version (planned to be released with FG 3.0) ==
[[File:EC130 MedFlight N130NE.jpg|thumb|The EMS variant of EC130-B4, used by MedFlight, Ohio, USA]]
[[File:EC130 Grand Canyon Helicopters.jpg|thumb|New Livery of Grand Canyon Helicopters]]
[[File:EC130-B4 Blue Hawaiian at coast of Kalaupapa.jpg|thumb|EC130-B4 Blue Hawaiian at coast of Kalaupapa]]
[[File:EC130 Mainrotor front.png|thumb|Closeup of EC130 Mainrotor, fully animated in all details]]
[[File:EC130-B4 MedFlight using SX-16 Nightsun.jpg|thumb|EC130 Helicopter using the SX-16 Nightsun searchlight]]
Fans of '''Grand Canyon Helicopters''' now find a livery of the N155GC and the colorful painting in red/gold.
If you want to fly around Hawaii you may choose the new livery N11QC of '''Blue Hawaiian Helicopters'''.
A lot of '''equipment''' (most of which was there already but hidden) can now be used, including a full blown '''SX16-Nightsun searchlight'''.
File:EC130B4 Snow.jpg|EC130B4 above snowy landscape
File:Ec130B4 mountains.jpg|EC130B4 flying in the mountains
File:EC130-B4 Blue Hawaiian near ship.jpg|Blue Hawaiian Helicopter near Kalaupapa

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