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I can now happily remove the disclaimer, the template is rather fully tested, and works. This calls for celebration! :-
This template will show texts in different languages depending on the language of the page it is placed on.
 The language the text will be shown in depends on the two letter language code between the page namespace and the page title, for example [[Talk:De/HB Radio-NAV|Talk:'''De'''/HB Radio-NAV]]. If a parameter with a text is not available in the language of the pageor is empty, the English text will be shown insteadprovided it is available.
== Usage ==
== Known issues ==
Using equal signs inside template parameters will break the template. Two ways around this is to either use {{tl|{{=}}}} or <nowiki>=</nowiki>.
== Disclaimer ==
This template has not been tested in its whole.
== Related category ==

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