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Horizontal Situation Indicator

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=== Course Deviation Bar ===
Like a standard Course Deviation Indicator (CDI) the Course Deviation Bar (6) shows how far the aircraft is off the selected course. When the bar is in line with the yellow arrow head and tail the aircraft is exactly on the selected course. When the bar moves to the right when looking in the direction of the arrow, the desired course is on the right (with respect to the aircraft's heading). The scale under the bar shows how far off course the aircraft is. In VOR navigation, each dot corresponds to a deviation of two degrees, allowing a total of +/- 10 degrees. During the reception of a LOC signal each dot on the CDI scale corresponds to a deviation of 0.5 degrees, a full deflection is 2.5 degrees off course.
The advantage to a standard CDI is, that the entire indicator rotates with the Compass Card, giving the pilot a pictorial symbolic view of the relationship of the aircraft's heading, the selected course and the current position.
=== Course Select Pointer / Cursor ===
=== The Course Deviation Scale ====== Glideslope Select Pointer ====== Glideslope Deviation Scale ====== Heading (7), often simply called Cursor, is set by the pilot using the Course Select Bug ===Knob (10) to the desired VOR or LOC course which is shown under the head of the arrow while the tail marks the reciprocal course. === Symbolic Aircraft ===
=== To/From Indicator ===
Two white triangles (8) nead the center of the display indicate, whether the selected course is to or from the tuned VOR. They correspond to the "To" and "From" flag of a standard CDI display. There is either only the "To" or only the "From" or no flag at all in the view. One will never see both flags like in the descriptive image on the right.
=== Glideslope Pointer ===
The Glideslope Pointer (9) come into view when a glideslope signal is being received during a ILS approach and the aircraft's position is within the defined range and slope of the glideslope signal. This is a very sensitive display. A full deflection correspons to a 1.4 degrees difference in the glideslope. A one dot indication showing a deviation of only 0.35 degrees off the glide slope.
=== Course Select Knob ===
=== Heading Use the Course Select Knob ===(10) to turn the Course Select Pointer (7) to match the desired course on the Compass Card (1). This knob has the same function as the OBS knob on a standard CDI.
== Usage =Heading Select Knob ===The Heading Select Knob (11) moves the Heading Bug (5) to the desired heading on the Compass Card (1)

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