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FlightGear Headless

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Obviously supporting a standalone 'fgcanvas' would be quite a small extension from those. I'm not worrying about dynamic dependencies or automatic subsystem creation for the moment - I expect the user / defaults to have defined a set of subsystems that work without crashing You're correct of course that Nasal has many assumptions about subsystems, but I think that can be improved incrementally on the Nasal side.
For the test mode, I really want to start Nasal-the-langauge very early, without loading all the modules in Nasal/ immediately. (Or maybe load a 'safe' subset). That's going to take some thought and I didn't get that far yet!<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=incremental initialization of SGSubsystems|author=James Turner |date=Oct 01, 2012}}</ref>|James Turner}}
{{cquote|could some thought be given to producing a benchmark suite for Flightgear. It would need to take in all of the, by now well known, variables - making it by no means a simple beast to manage.

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