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Release plan

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New FlightGear releases are scheduled twice a year. The magic number to remember is 17 (we tried 42, but that didn't turn out so well. 17 is perfect: 1 is not a prime, 7 is a prime and so is 17). On the 17th of January (1) and July (7) a new release branch is created for [[SimGear]], FlightGear and FGDATA.
{{cquote|As a clarification: We do not enter a code freeze but a feature freeze. Code changes are welcome after December 17th as long as it is guaranteed (not just "unlikely") that they do not introduce any side effects and become a release blocker. It is the sole responsibility of the commiter to decide if that is the case or not. Every new feature that didn't make it into the respository by the deadline may probably easily wait for another four weeks to get commited. Remember: most aircraft are not affected by the feature freeze and aircraft developers quickly adopt and use new features as they become available<ref>{{cite web |url=|title=<nowiki>[Flightgear-devel] Next FlightGear release (Feb. 17 2013)</nowiki>|author=Torsten Dreyer|date=Fri, 16 Nov November 2012 06:24:58 -0800}}</ref>|Torsten Dreyer}}
After branching, there is one month for bug fixing in the release branch, so building and packing of the binaries and FGDATA takes place around February, 18th and August, 18th. Allowing a few days for distribution of the files, new versions should be publically available around the 20th of February and August.
##Commit the new version number to next (flightgear+simgear) and master(fgdata)
##Tag (annotated) flightgear, simgear and fgdata with <tt>version/3.0.0</tt>
##:''<code>git tag -a version/3.0.0'' </code> (Enter a wise comment)
##Push the branches next/master '''and''' the tags upstream
##:for flightgear and simgear: ''<code>git push origin next''</code>##:for fgdata: ''<code>git push origin master''<code>##:for the tags (all repos): ''<code>git push origin version/3.0.0''</code>
# '''Jan/Jul 17th:''' Create new release branch, assign new version number to dev-stream, re-open streams
<!-- We don't really need this step...
##Pull current Git, create the release branches (for sg/fg/fgdata):
##:''<code>git pull</code>##:''<code>git branch release/3.0.0</code>
##On the next/master branches, bump up the version-number of simgear, flightgear and fgdata to an odd number (3.0.0 -> 3.1.0)
##Compile and test drive FlightGear with the new development version number
##Commit the changes of version-number to next/master
##Tag (annotated) flightgear, simgear and fgdata with "version/2.9.0"
##:''<code>git tag -a version/2.9.0'' </code> (Enter a wise comment)
##Push the branches next/master '''and''' release/3.0.0 '''and''' the tags upstream
##:for flightgear, simgear and fgdata: ''<code>git push origin release/3.0.0''</code>##:for flightgear and simgear: ''<code>git push origin next''</code>##:for fgdata: ''<code>git push origin master''</code>##:for the tags (all repos): ''<code>git push origin version/3.1.0''</code>
##Declare dev-streams "open" or "green"
##: Ask a [ wiki admin] to change the content of wiki template at [[Template:GitStatus]] to <code><nowiki>{{GitStatus:open}}</nowiki></code>
## Generate latest '''getstart.pdf''', push the PDF to fgdata/master - and cherry-pick to the '''release branch'''. Generate latest '''getstart''' HTML, push PDF and HTML to the MapServer site.
##Tag the release/3.00 branches of simgear, flightgear and fgdata and push the tags.
##:for flighgear, simgear and fgdata: ''<code>git tag version/3.0.0-final''</code>##:for flighgear, simgear and fgdata: ''<code>git push origin version/3.0.0-final''</code>
##Merge the branch release/3.0.0 into '''master''' (<u>'''NOT'''</u> next) for flightgear and simgear and push the branch
##:We don't have a next branch for fgdata, no merging of the release branch here.
##:for flighgear and simgear:
##:''<code>git checkout -b master origin/master'' </code> or ''<code>git checkout master'' </code> if you already have the local branch##:''<code>git merge version/3.0.0-final</code>##:''<code>git push origin master''</code>
##[[:Category:FlightGear Core developers|Core developers]] and other contributors should be invited to add their release related experiences (i.e. suggestions for improvements) to the wiki to help update and improve the release plan (i.e. this page) accordingly.
The [ bugtracker] will be our primary source for the bug fixing period. Bugs reported on the mailing list or forum will not be tracked! Reporters shall be requested to file a bug report at the bugtracker. Bugs shall be assigned a priority and a keyword to make the assignment to a developer easier. Bug reports that can't be confirmed or need more input from the reporter to get fixed will be assigned a new state "stalled" and only processed after more information has been provided. Bugs assigned a high priority will be downgraded, if no progress has been made over a certain amount of time. This is to prevent the release from being blocked by a bug that no developer is able (or willing) to fix. The only exception is "does not compile for one of the major platforms", which certainly is a release-blocker.
Bugs that were present in the latest stable release, and now considered "fixed", should be assigned a milestone label, corresponding with the upcoming stable release number. By doing so, they'll end up in [ the list of fixed bugs].
=== Tasks and owners ===
! width="500px" | Task
! Owner(s)
! Status for [[Changelog 2.10.012|2.10.012]]
! rowspan="7" |
| Announce the state-change of the dev-streams
| TorstenD
| {{Done}}
| Create/maintain the git branches
| TorstenD
| {{Done}}
| Track the bugs on the tracker, trigger developers, adjust bug-priorities
| Sync the language files so they can be translated
| ThorstenB, James
| {{Done}}
| Beta testing
| Update documentation: [[FAQ]], [ The Manual], wiki
| Stuart, Gijs and anyone else
| {{Done}}
| Pack RC and final version of FGDATA
| Windows
| Curt
| {{Done}} []
| MacOS
| Tat/James
| {{Done}} []
| Distribute files to download servers
| Curt
| {{progressbar|30}}
! rowspan="3" | Make adjustments on the web-site
== Open items, questions ==
* Automate and/or document the creation of RC's: "We need to get this automated some day. Or at least documented...(another one from "famous last words": if you have to do it more than once, automate it. If you can't automate it, document it." [<ref>{{Cite web |url=|title=<nowiki>Re: [Flightgear-devel]Release candidates</nowiki> |author=Torsten Dreyer |date=29 January 2013}}</ref>
* Automate the creation of Windows and Mac installers
* Automate the creation of FGDATA distribution
* Possibly try to find a way to automate testing of updated jsbsim code, so that the chance for breakage is reduced by running scripted tests [<ref>{{Cite web |url=|title=<nowiki>Re: [Flightgear-devel] [Jsbsim-devel] JSBSim Synch with FlightGear</nowiki> |author=Torsten Dreyer |date=13 January 2013}}</ref><ref>{{Cite web |url=|title=<nowiki>Re: [Flightgear-devel]JSBSim Synch with FlightGear</nowiki> |author=Anders Gidenstam |date=11 June 2013}}</ref>
== Lessons learned ==

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